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De Gaulle airport is the place where Faith and I take our first steps in Paris.

It was a rush to put our clothes back on in the cargo hold of the plane before getting out and beating the cargo employees so that they didn't see us, not that it mattered at this point because nobody was stopping either of us from getting to Buffy now. I just hoped and knew that felt the same, that she was okay.

I ran with her, looking for transportation. Paris is a big city and I know little of it, having never been here before and Faith knows even less, so we are forced to get a car for times sake, for Buffy might not have any time left as it is, though I would never say that aloud to Faith, who is especially close to Buffy.

I smile for her as I watch her form running and remember the amazing time that we had on the flight here from New York and from the flight from San Francisco to New York. Already in love, I don't want to disappoint her. We have to find this Xavier that Angel spoke of, who he is certain that has Buffy, only he surmised that it is probably Paris and that Xavier does have a castle here, although Angel also mentioned that Xavier also keeps a home in his native Brussels.

At the front of the airport, we commandeered a Mercedes from a nice woman and I drove away, knowing that in very little time, that the Police would be up our asses.

"We have to find a cemetary. The vamps around here have to know who Xavier is and more importantly, where he is, baby, and I'm getting this feeling that Buffy's time is nearing an end, if it hasn't already..."

She shot me a look as I weaved through night traffic. Why did I say that? I knew that it would stress her out. I sensed that saving Buffy was more important to Faith then I was, and again, I was ready to except that. I would always make Faith happy in whatever way that I could and let her feel how she would feel without argument.

She turned the wheel on me and as I looked at her before looking quickly back to the road, I noticed that she was leading me to the wrought iron fence of a cemetery. I slammed on the brakes and ripped the car into a parked position at the side of the road.

Faith was quickly out of the car and leaped over the ten or fifteen foot high fence with spikes at the top. I shrugged and leapt over the gate as well, now looking at a very large, well manicured and heavily treed cemetery. Faith was off rushing towards the distance and I pulled up beside of her. "Let me do the sensing here, honey. I'm the one that can sense them."

It didn't take long to hear a group of vamps, for some reason, though it is night, hanging in one of the crypts.

Faith kicked the door open before we could form a plan. The woman knows what she wants to do. Who am I to argue. There are six vamps in here and I don my fangs, as Faith produces the stake in her pocket.

I was just guessing here, but kill five, brutally and keep one alive, although if we do that, how do we know that we won't be killing one that knows where Xavier might hail, and keep alive a useless vamp who doesn't know?

The vampires charged and Faith tensed up, ready to slay.

I decided to play the lead here. "If any of you know where Xavier's palace is, and tell us, then you all get to live. You have a slayer here and a vampire that can kick all of your asses, now what will it be?"

I noticed that one backed away, frightened, but the other five weren't going to be treated like this, so they would soon be dust.

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When Cordelia had the vision about Buffy being in trouble, I could instantly tell that Faith became panicked. The same could be said for Angel. I didn't have any clue why there was so much friction at the mention of Buffy's name, but it certainly helped relieve the tension between Angel and myself over why I was here and how Connor had been brought to the house, unconscious.

Angel seemed to be fixated on trying to help Connor snap out of whatever had happened to him, which I still wasn't fully clear on, but at the same time, he seemed to want to go to Paris, because Cordelia had an address and everything for us, which was really cool, although, again, she was something else that I found fascinating and didn't fully understand, with those visions and everything. I wondered where they came from but didn't ask, figuring that I could get those answers from Faith on the plane.

Ultimately, Angel chose to stay behind to try to help his son, which was another thing of shock, because being a vampire, I knew that children were impossible...and I could understand Angel staying behind. We had chained Connor to a bed in the basement and locked the windowless door. Faith had hit him so hard that I could feel it, and yet, Angel let it slide as Faith tied him up solid.

Faith and I were left to go after Buffy, obviously a slayer, and in danger in Paris, but daylight was emerging and we had to rush to San Francisco and then once there, figure out which flight was going to Paris. Unfortunately, there was a connecting flight involved and switching planes in broad daylight once we landed at LaGuardia in New York, promised to be fun, as did cowering in the dark luggage section from San Francisco to New York.

The only saving grace was that I was here with Faith, and my sexual desire for her was starting to marinate and boil over, hough now wasn't the greatest time to worry about that. I could hear the people above us and could smell the gas in the wings of the plane.

"Angel seemed distraught about Buffy when Cordelia had the vision, Faith. And you, well you tightened up considerably and that was after knocking the boy silly again in front of his father. What's the story with Angel and Buffy and with you and Buffy, if you don't mind me asking?"

We had very little light, but I could see her brown eyes clearly. I touched her arm to let her know where I was in relation to her and the touch was filled with electricity. I wanted answers to some of these strange things, like Cordelia and her visions and Connor being born of two vampires, but undeniably, superceding everything was my desire to touch every inch of Faith's body at the moment.

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Four had become two. Connor had been forced by a stewardess to go sit down, just as I thought he would be when he had been sitting in the aisle and Leah had followed him over. Not that I didn’t enjoy Leah’s company, or even Connor’s, but I was more then happy to be alone with Faith. She had been the brunette bombshell beauty that I had been guided to in Cleveland and before that, had seen in my dreams by whoever was pulling my strings…by whichever benevolent power that wanted me to do the right things.

I had explained to Faith all of the things that had pushed me towards her. I had explained to her and to all of them that when I was evil, I seldom killed humans, even then and only did so when I truly needed to feed. I told them that I would feed on farm animals if I had to and that my mission, when evil, was to fight the most powerful demons and beings. I didn’t tell her that I would have longed to have fought the slayer back then, but just because it would have seemed arrogant to say that to the slayer and not because I was so attracted to her that I could barely stand it anymore.

I told her that I had seen her in my dreams too. I hadn’t been bashful about that because I wanted to establish some trust between us and an admission like that, from most people, would take some guts.

She asked me about these dreams that I had of her. She wasn’t mean, but she was brazen and direct, which I liked. She didn’t sidestep the issue of me seeing her in dreams and came right out and asked me what I was like in these visions of her. I had been honest there, too. I hadn’t gone into the details of how I had seen her body in all of its splendor, but I described situations of her fighting and knowing that I was meant to help her.

I was about to continue, when I heard Connor talking to Leah about how they couldn’t trust me, necessarily and I motioned to him, without words, that he could trust me. Faith noticed this, but obviously, not having a vampire’s hearing, she didn’t hear what I had heard.

“Oh, Connor was just telling Lean that they had to watch me, that I couldn’t necessarily be trusted just because I had killed those Sisterhood of the Jae demons at Leah’s house. He thinks that I could be working for the First and that could have just been a setup. I can see being skeptical of my story, Faith, but it’s true. Are you thinking in a manner similar to Connor right now? Do you still not trust me?”

I studied her, as it was my turn to be brazen. Direct eye contact was how you looked at an opponent, or, someone that you were very attracted to, who was strong and also very direct.

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Being what I was, a warrior, I had to feed to survive, but I never took any pleasure in fighting humans. It was just an easy kill and really was low. I didn’t see any point in the destruction of a human. Sure, I killed, but not always. I always fed on girls and I sometimes kept them alive if I liked them, not taking all of it. They might have died after, but I didn’t stick around to find out. I fed on the girl and left. There was no torment, no torture, just a quick, and to them, brutal act.

To me, it was survival. I sought the fight from other demons and armies. I traveled across Europe from the States, which was my homeland. In Europe, the vampires weren't as solo as they tended to be in the United States. They weren't as scattered. They molded together in what was called legions, but I didn't shy away from fighting them, and when I did, I tried to figure out why it was that they were so amicable to each other.

The vampires, for the most part, that I fought, were primarily weak. It was like they were used to working together and didn't have to fight somebody as powerful as me very often, because their legion was feared. Vampires stuck to codes and worked for specific leaders, and other species of demons didn't bother with them because they feared the legion leaders who were the most powerful ones.

I didn't go to England, but there were supposedly two very powerful vampires there. Maybe, in the future, I would have to see if they were as receptive to me as the leaders in mainland Europe were. If they were similar, I would have to consider them to be cowards. Maybe the leaders in France and Germany and Russia considered me to be something not to worry about, because I had never had the pleasure of meeting Xavier, the zenking in France, or the Nazi-sympathizer, Boris, in Germany, or the Prince of Lies in Russia.

Europe was almost a demon snob-land, and my urge to find powerful specimens led me to Africa. I would have gone back home because there were so many of the powerful vampire slayers, but killing, or trying to kill human girls that had super-powers didn't seem like something that I would enjoy. Again, I killed humans when I had to. I killed thieves and robbers and muggers that I came across and I fed on a girl here and a girl there, but I didn't kill humans.

In Africa, I came upon a place that called to me. I approached it because it had been legend, a legend spewed out of the mouth's of many vampires in Europe. It was about a demon trial, a war that nobody had survived. But a year ago, a demon had seemingly made it throuhg the trials. The vampires didn't know who it was, and didn't offer me much before I had killed them. I had tried to learn what was gained by winning the trials, but all that I could find out, was basically that you got whatever you wanted, or whatever your heart desired.

The reward was't the draw for me. The draw for me was the opportunity to maim and to kill, and since it was so legendary, I made my way in with little fear.

The fights themselves were more brutal then anything that I could ever remember. It wasn't that the foes were so difficult to kill. The challenge came in that another challenge that was inexplicable, unbelievable, followed the last one. I wanted to fight. I didn't want to be invaded by the biggest cockroaches ever seen. It left me paralyzed, and surely, the next challenge would kill me. But there was never another challenge. There was just me in another cave, with a strange burning in my chest, not remembering how I got it, but remembering that laugh, and those words. "Like the one before you, you seek nothing but to kill demons. Now, I will give you that chance. I will give you you soul!"

It didn't ache then and it didn't even ache now. I knew that I had a soul, and those words stuck to me. I would rather kill demons then humans and for that, I was given a soul. I saw victims in my past, and I think that I was supposed to be bothered by my conscience because of it, but it didn't break me. I didn't feel empathy for my victims. I hardly stopped to look at those girls when I fed on them for life blood and the males that I had killed were scumbags. I knew it and didn't feel remorse.

Ther ewas one thing that made me get up off of the ground, though, that made me know that I had to return home, that I had to revisit the west coast and I didn't know how I knew where they were, but I just knew. The face of that blonde, and then that brunette. They weren't exactly turn-offs for the long journey that lay ahead.
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Rory and I were now immersed in the battle. We had come here, and had been ensouled in the strangest of ways, but the how and why's about us being here could be discussed at length when we had the time, because right now, gorgeous brunettes that both of us were envisioning were most likely in this battle, and they needed our help, as did all of the innocent victims that these thousands of demons would devastate if we didn't stop them. And both of us wanted to stop them. It was hard to explain. It was like if we turned away from the battle, then it hurt us. I knew at least in my case, that this was the case and I had the feeling that Rory felt the same way.

We didn't know who the brunettes in our visions were, but we knew that we had to see them, or save them, somehow, and we knew by description, that they were different women. It was hard to assimilate, and right now, it didn't matter. We approached the demons roaring, one way, from behind. The demons seemed to all be going after one thing. It was strange, but again, I didn't give a shit.

It was time to kick some fucking ass. Myself, mad, I could wipe out twenty demons at once, and working together with Rory, I knew that if we were smart, that we could do a number on these demons, and we both had the speed to escape them if we needed to. We also knew that we weren't fighting alone, because there was a strange glow, that emanated peace in the distance, making me feel good, and there were also numerous and continuous gunshots ringing through the air, and it was doubtful that these demons had machine guns.

After we had killed about ten demons with our bare hands, from behind, planning to go through as many as we could before they even knew what was snapping their necks from behind, they became wise to us and some followed, as we fled, just to look for weapons. A warehouse and some industrial size cutting saws later, we had our weapons and killed the demons that had followed us, but many of the demons that had turned and looked at us with rage, didn't follow.

Something had them irritated and was drawing them forward. I couldn't wait to see who or what that was, but to do that, we had to survive, and for that to happen, we had to use saws to slice open demons. It worked, until a demon came at me with a sword, and knocked the sword from my hand. As he did, I grabbed his sword and chopped his head off, Rory still holding the sword as we worked forward, a crowd of the same size, so many demons, remaining ahead of us, but bodies of demons falling behind us. We were going to get there. Rory kicked a demon who went after him, then ducked as I took that demon's head off with the sword, while Rory scurried around me and attacked a demon trying to attack me from behind. I then sliced through the neck of a vampire and watched the dust fall. Many demons were now facing us, but still, many more went forward.

A sword came towards Rory's neck as he kicked another demons way from him, but I met the demon's sword with my own, a clash in mid air, my arms rigid, not letting go of my sword, while the demon dropped his and tried to prevent me from chopping his head of by bringing his hands up and growling. I sliced right through his thick arms and then his neck, as the sword fell and Rory picked it up. Now, we both had swords.

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Killing the Sofilar demon had been the final act in my existence. After, I fell, spinning, burning, pained, yet not dust, and landed next to Rory, who had been an enemy in the five minutes that I had known him, we held hands. He too had killed one of the unkillable Sofilar demons, who had protruding stake-like fingers, and holy water that they bit into the vampire's neck, killing him or her, and he too lay motionless.

Our hands, for some reason, clasped, and then neither of us could move. I could hear, slightly, and heard Fangdan, who must have killed the third Sofilar, come towards us, and when he touched Rory, which I could se, and which Rory could feel, he was sent airborne and I could see a synapse, a spark appear. I had no idea of what to make of that, but didn't have the capacity to really give it any cognitive thought at the moment.

I just felt pain, and transference and something happening, that shouldn't have been happening. Rory and I should have been dead, but instead, we just lay here sufering, unable to move, or talk and unable to be touched, siffering, something changing within us. I wanted to say that we were about to combust, although I didn't know what was going on with Rory, except from what I could gather from his eyes staring at mine, but again, I couldn't speak, and was ripped with pain and a malaise so pronounced that when you didn't have a heartbeat, it made you feel like you did and it was stopping all over again, and once again, we should have been dead by now, but we weren't.

Then, the dynamic changed. I could feel the world spinning and it didn't hurt and for the first time in my life, either human, or vampire, I was feeling something odd. Fear. I could see a light around Rory and as we sped up and glowed and went towards the stars, which were getting closer, everything became black and though I could still feel Rory's hand, I could no longer see him.

We were in some void. Our velocity was picking up, and I could feel something else too. It was something that I hadn't felt it twenty years. Remorse. Guilt. Sorrow. The need to atone. What the hell was going on?

I knew the answer. This was a soul. I started to feel everything again, in terms of my body. I felt strong, and no longer felt like I was burning, but it began to rain and the world came colliding with us again. The rain increased and soaked Rory as now, we were in the depths of night once more, and the moon was out and full, unlike it had been in England, where day had ben so close to coming onto the landscape. We slowed down, the rain increased, and we were in an urban zone, crashing towards Earth, I looked down and before I could pull focus, we were landing on the ground, on top of an apartment building. Planes were leaving and some were landing, the rain was strong, and the howls of something so hideous, which sounded like thousands of demons, penetrated the air.

I rolled over and looked at Rory. He said that we had souls. He didn't understand. He talked about this being hell, but as I looked to the north, I could see the Hollywood sign. "If hell is Los Angeles, then that's where we are..."

The demon roars became more pronounced then the rain pelting us, and Rory quickly stated that there were demons everywhere and he saw something on the news earlier about something happening in Los Angeles and a mass exodus occurring by the humans there. I felt compelled to do something about it, but Rory seemed like he just wanted to get wet.

"We were spared and have souls. I know that I want to atone for my crimes now. I don't know about you, but I've already killed one incredible species of vampire tonight, and fighting other demons seems like the right thing to do..."

Plus, there was the vision of the brunette in my head, although she didn't seem to be in danger at the moment. "Do you see all of your victims, which granted, must be a lot more then mine, and at the same time, keep seeing this beautiful brunette like I am, Rory?"

He looked at me, shocked, and got up, saying that we had to go kill some demons now. We both leapt off of the rooftop, which had to be eighty feet up, and landed on our feet, shared a look, and in the rain, sprinted towards the demon noise.
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The cruise liner hadn't been very enjoyable, and I think it's fair to say that this is a major understatement. Who knew that so many that were supposed to be traveling from New York to England...whether they were returning home or visiting the mother country, would have so much power and vengeance in them? It would have been a pleasure to watch and take part in, if Adria, one of my sires, hadn't ben the one to create the trauma and drama over the open waters of the Atlantic.

I couldn't care less that Adria had been shot, stabbed and finally hit with something wooden in the heart. She had sired me along with Brandy about twenty years ago after fleeing England and the holds of Fangdan, Rory and their venomous London legion of vampires, along with Brandy, who had fled, but only because of her ties with Adria. Adria had a hold over my sweet, blonde Brandy, and that was the reason that she had left London. She still loved Rory, and had admitted it to me on the very boat that saw her become dust.

When they had sired me, they had rescued me from a life of hard knocks on the streets of Brooklyn. Gangs had become the norm there in the seventies when I was a kid, and I was the leader of the Irish regime, who fought against the Italian, Black and Latino factions on the mean streets. I had killed a person before, but never sought to do any such thing. I was protecting my own, and it just happened. My anger had been pushed too far after a girl who was dear to most of us in the Irish regime had been raped by a member of the Latino faction. Word spread that we would be getting justice for it, and they attacked first. I answered and killed one of the combatants in a fight with my bare hands, my rage getting the better of me and putting itself into that final right to the nose of the raper.

I didn't know rage then. Not after I had met Brandy and Adria outside of a bar after a little scuffle between our regime and a couple of Italians. There, once more, I had put two men down with my bare hands, and had caught the eye of Adria and Brandy. They handled me, and I hadn't been sure of what had hit me, or of what they were, considering that they looked like vampires that couldn't actually exist. I watched, half-conscious as they killed my friends and the Italians and drank their bloods, before they did the same to me, only I had come back a day later. I had always ben powerful, but my new eyes and affinity for the night brought out an animal that nobody could tame.

I immediately learned of the London legion of pwerful vampires and that Fangdan, Adria's paramour, had pushed her away and that Brandy, still in love with Fangdan's right hand, Rory the rage Bronson, had come along. I shared love with both of my sires, doing them in many places and in many ways, with a sexual prowess that I couldn't attain as a mere man. I quickly learned to despise Adria, who was the bitch of death and did whatever that she wanted, but Brandy was sweet and I fell for her immediately.

We terrorized New York and the eastern seaboard for many years, but for me, it wasn't about just killing. It was about finding the right person to kill. Like in life, I killed bullies and people with guns. It's not that I didn't feed on a beautiful babe or two from time to time, but I liked to bring death to Mafia men and thugs. It was just the way that it was. I could go weeks without feeding, but as it turned out, Adria was quite needy. In the end, it was Adria who sought to return to her homeland and to Fangdan. Obviously, Brandy, while conflicted with having me in her life, also wanted to return to England to see Rory again. I was an American who didn't care for the idea. I didn't give a rat's ass about the pomp and circumstance of the vaunted and heralded vampires who roamed Europe. They lived through codes and through factions, very much like the human gangs that I grew up with, and that was for the weak as far as I was concerned.

Still, a confrontation was bound to happen, especially between myself and Rory, who was three hundred years old, and I wasn't one to shy away from a battle, even with someone who was purportedly so tough, like Rory, or Fangdan, for that matter. Now, a confrontation was very likely. Both of them would be angered by the deaths of their beloveds and I would likely be blamed for not protecting them. I didn't try to save Adria, who's appetite got Brandy and I into a struggle for our existences against an angry mob of passengers with far too many weapons, but I was barely able to save myself before the liner ported and the Police surged aboard. I had survived by killing many and then leaping overboard. Once I saw that Brandy was gone, there was nothing for me there. I could have tried to kill all that had killed her, but it was futile and the only confrontation that I wanted now was with Rory and Fangdan. I wanted to be the one to tell them that their ladies were dead. I yearned to see their reactions to me, for they knew that Brandy and Adria had sired me, but they hadn't seen me. I wondered, as I sped towards London, going east, driving on the wrong side of the road, at least for what I was used to, daylight coming fast, if they would be able to sense me, if they would sense Adraia and Brandy on me.

I stepped on the pedal and shifted to fifth, exceeding the speed limit by thirty-five kilometers in the sporty BMW that I had taken from the lovely young woman who was currently flowing through my veins. London would be an interesting place for me, it it was all that I had left of New York, anyway. Adria and Brandy, love one and hate the other, were the only ties that I had for twenty years and their ties were in London; which is where I almost was.
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The big, blond German vampire had dropped a bomb on Buffy and Faith, who had introduced themselves to me, and both had questions about how I knew about this, and also told me that they knew that I was a vampire...he had told them that, basically, they were going to repay him for him saving their lives tonight, by giving him their lives. He drove away and picked up the dead hitmen along the way. I wanted to give chase, but knew, that with his words, that the slayers, Buffy and Faith, after being hunted all night, would take no prisoners and would assume, especially since I had been so awed by being around Buffy, that I had been able to talk, that I was one of their enemies.

I turned my gaze away from the van and saw a foot connecting with my face. It landed so hard, that it sent me flying, and hurt like hell. I landed on the ground, and saw that the brunette, Faith, who had one mean kick in her, was coming towards me, and that Buffy, was hesitant to, but seemed ready to slay me if it came down to that. I was going to have to defend myself from somebody that I had just met for the first time tonight, but already knew that I loved.

Buffy was beautiful, but that was secondary right now, because Faith straddled me, and pounded punches at my face, that I absorbed for a few, before sending her sprawling away, and groggily, leaping to my fight. Faith was the obvious, ask questions later, type, while Buffy was more reserved, for Faith came at me again, and threw a couple of kicks at me that I blocked, and then punches followed, which were also blocked, but not retaliated for.

I knew that I was good, but if Buffy wasn't around for this and if my fate at the hands of two vampire slayers wasn't in question, I would have given it back every bit as good as Faith was trying to give it. But, not in front of Buffy, but she wasn't exactly stopping Faith, either, who was buxom, and violent, which was understandable, considering her profession.

"Faith, Buffy, I'm Justin, and I'm not your enemy," I said, before faith could deliver anymore punishment.

"Yes, you are right, I'm a vampire. I can't deny that. And, yes, I killed a human in front of the two of you, just now, but I can assure you that I only did it to protect the two of you. There was this plot to kill you, that I'm sure, by now, that the two of you are familiar with, judging by your vicious kick, Faith, and the gun in your hands, Buffy..."

I looked at both of them and tried to smile, but I had more explaining to do. "The German vampire, I thought, might be working with me, but he and I haven't actually had a conversation to know, but then again, I should have expected that. There were headquarters that I found about from a couple of loud-mouth vampires named the Gorches, and that home was the headquarters for this kill the slayer's mission. The German and I stopped everyone there, although, I promise you, that i didn't kill any humans before I got here..."

They both seemed skeptical, as they both should still be, I could tell that Faith wanted to fight some more and I couldn't fight back, not in front of Buffy, so it was time to drop a bomb on their laps, figuratively.

"The German, who's name I don't know, only saved you, I would guess, because he wants the pleasure of killing the slayers himself. There aren't supposed to be two slayers. It would be something that he would enjoy, and I should have grabbed him from that van, because, you see, it would be impossible for him to want to actually help either of you. You see, unlike me, he doesn't have a soul."

There were crazed looks from both of them, which prompted me to wonder if they thought that the vampire having a soul thing was such a crazy idea. To them, it probably was, and I realized it after I had said it. Along with that, as I looked at both of them, wiping blood away from my lip, also inexorably came the tale of how I got my soul, which was sure to be coming, which was something else that they were both bound to find unbelievable.

[Faith, Xander and Buffy]
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I let things settle, as I waited in this house of many enemies, who were planning to kill the slayers. The slayers. I knew that Buffy was a slayer. I was here to help her, specifically, and by default, the other slayer. I just couldn't understand why there were two slayers. To the best of my knowledge, taking into account that I was young, only a vampire for fourteen years, there was only supposed to be one girl in all of the world who was called on to kill my kind. Here, there were two. That had to mean, as far as I could tell, that Buffy, the slayer for a little while now, had probably somehow died, albeit briefly, and another slayer, this other slayer with her, had been called, and somehow, Buffy was revived. Just the thought of her dying tugged at me, and made everyone here, all of these conspirers against Buffy and the other slayer, in even more trouble.

Kulak left and then did the human, Daniel. They were going to some cabin, where Buffy and the other girl, and presumably, their dates for the prom, were going to be taken. The thought of the black vampire setting all of this up, really irritated me and I was going to get him, and soon. Then, the Gorches left, and having sopent the day ina crypt near them, I was definitely going to get them, and I decided that I would leave the black vampire, Trick, the old guy and the assassins, here, and get the Gorches now and then go to the cabin to help Buffy, but as I was prepared to leave, the humans talked and I had to listen to their plan. I did, and then they left, and I let them get out of the way, preparing to intercept them as they got to their van, and kill them, or at least maim them, so that they couldn't do anything to Buffy Summers.

I started to head for the door again, when a big vampire, and I could sense that he was a vampire, crashed the door down and started fighting with Trick. I rushed down to the end of the stairs and watched as he killed Trick, drained the old man, and then looked at me, and at the money on the ground. Since he was helping me, I decided not to go after him, even though him being a vampire, I doubted that he was here to help Buffy or the other slayer. I knew that if I fought him, though, then the van would get away and the Gorches would get a head start on me.

I rushed out, not knowing for sure whether the tall, blond vampire with th acdcent was ensouled in some way, and headed after the van, but the van was already away and I ran towards it, but it was faster then even I. I settled for going after the Gorches and used my nose to track Lionel and Candy Gorch. I could hear them bragging about getting all of that money. I laughed to myself, because not only were they going to be dead soon, but the money was in the hands of a very commanding vampire as it was, and I didn't see these two hick idiots getting the money away from the German, or Austrian, or whatever he was.

Before we reached the cabin, and with me already knowing that Daniel and Kulak were heading there, I attacked the Gorches from behind, and as they turned and faced me, I smiled, as did Lyle. Unfortunately, as I donned my fangs, Candy Gorch didn't smile, and it attacked me. She was clumsy, weak and slow, and I jutted the stake into her heart before Lyle could even take a step towards me.

"That was my wife!"

"You're not getting near Buffy Summers!"

He attacked me, but while he was a fighter, he was slow and didn't fight smart. It was like picking apart an idiot, and with every shot he through, I blocked it, and hit him with two, knocking him around and making him suffer and bleed. After one last advance, I managed to hit him with some shots as a car approached, and get behind him.

"I told you that you weren't harming Buffy Summers." I staked him from behind, as the car stopped and the tall vampire looked at me. He smiled and drove off. I still didn't know what to make of him. It was time to get to the cabin. I only hoped that I could find it.
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I made my way through the tunnels, and while on my way towards the Lindemann cemetary, I heard the obnoxious and non-stealthy voices of Candy and Lyle Gorch coming from behind me, no doubt on their way to this house where the planning of the death of Buffy Summers would be in progress. The soul in me made me ache just at the thought of her dying, even though I had never met her, and my temptation was to take this redneck vampires out right now, but I didn't want to ruffle those who were planning this' feathers too much. I wanted them to believe that they were safe for the moment and I wanted to hear exactly what was going to happen. I decided to let the two loudmouth's by for the moment, because I could follow them at a distance and get to the house without having to seek and sense it.

I waited down the tunnel, waiting as they made the right towards the Lindemann estate and while following them at a distance, I heard Lyle tell the tale of how he slayer had let his beloved brother Tector die, and had been basically responsible for his death last year. He called her by name. He was talking about Buffy. These two were idiots. Candy Gorch, his significant other, was a tramp in vampire's clothing and Lyle seemed to have the intelligence of a doorknob. It was amazing that he was still alive after coming across Buffy, but it definitely served to remind me that he had to be at least relatively formidable and tough, so I put my pre-conceived notions about his lack of intelligence aside for the moment. Who was I, after all, to put anyone down? I was ashamed of my past, now, and the very woman, beautiful and heroic that I was trying to save, would probably hate me when she saw me.

I was filled with a new rage by that thought and got bolder in my tracking them, as suddenly, they disappered into a sewer opening. I waited until the door was closed, and quickly descended upon the door. I waited to make sure that there was no ruffling taking place above, so that unabated, I could enter and find a nice little perch to take an inventory of the soon to be dead, to find a safe place to listen to the brilliant strategizing that would be taking place here with the intent of killing Buffy Summers, which wasn't happening as long as I was around.

I entered when I knew that the coast was clear. There were vampires here, whom I knew would be able to sense me, so I kept my distance. The place was large, and they were all meeting in a cozy little room, and many of the soon to be dead at my hands had already arrived. I made my way up the stairs and above them, took my place in a room, and put my ear to the ground, literally. Fortunately, there was a vent and the hearing didn't require me to put my ear to the floor. The ringleader was known as moneybags, there was a vampire named Mr. Trick already there, and two assassins who were human, who didn't speak very much. Most of it was moneybags and Mr. Trick. There was a demon named Kulak and a human who wanted to be known as Daniel, short for Daniel Boone and all of them were supplying money for the event and the killer of Buffy and another slayer, which shocked me, would get all of the money. The two human assassins, Fredrik and Hans, seemed to work for moneybags and they would no doubt be trying o win the money for him and take their cut as mercenaries. The Gorch's had yet to come in, so I didn't get the full lay of the planning as of yet.

I contemplated blowing the house up. It would keep Buffy and this other slayer, Faith, safe, but I was so angered, my soul so tugging at me to act, that a bomb would have been too kind for them, not to mention that finding a bomb would not be easy. No, this was a matter for my fists, and thoughts of Buffy passed through me as I sat alone in the room. She was so beautiful, so fearless, as all of my sent visions of her made her seem to be, which simply increased my resolve. These baffoons were so dead. DEAD. All of them.
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